About Me

I became a Certified General Contractor in 2019. I know that sounds crazy, but my husband owns his own construction company. So it only made sense.

I created this webpage so I could show each and every one of you everything I am involved in. From my business with candles, fragrance & home decor with PartyLite, to the inspirational clothing line with Demons Behind Me, to the Christian blog with DailyPS, and my family run construction business DePratter Construction Group.

My Passions



Using our 100 years of expertise, we craft the best quality candles to fill your home with appealing fragrance and inviting candlelight. Safe, clean-burning and long-lasting, our candles will put a smile on your face. Visit Website

Demons Behind Me

Demons Behind Me

Our mission is to inspire. Our message is designed to inspire those who have, or are working to overcome an obstacle in their life and we want to motivate them to continue to achieve their goals. Get 20% Off

DePratter Construction Group Inc

DePratter Construction Group, Inc., CGC

My husband started this business over 25 years ago. It's now our passion. I recently became a Certified General Contractor so we can do everything you can imagine. Visit Website



We’ve found that the world can be negative and hateful at times. So, we share articles focused on positivity and love. We bring a positive Paradigm Shift to brighten your day! Visit Website

Community Involvement

When I'm not working or spending time with my family, I love serving my local community and helping others.